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Bill Altermatt

“I remember this little bungalow for sale in west Toledo, a prospective buyer hired me to perform an appraisal. After arriving at the property and entering the home it was obvious that something was off. The property was in rough shape.

Part of the appraisal process includes researching the previous marketing and transfer history of the
property. A recent listing showed the property in the same condition selling for $19,000 just a few months prior. The seller was asking $71,000.

I called the seller to gather intel about any updates or improvements that were made since he purchased a few months prior, as well as discuss the terms of the previous transfer. He proceeded to tell me how the kitchen and bath were remodeled and other items were replaced. It was obvious he was not being truthful. After delivering the report to my client, they ended up buying a different house in the same neighborhood at a fair price.

That property ended up sitting on the market for several months and was reduced in price multiple times before finally being withdrawn.  

The role of an appraiser is to be objective and report the facts. We identify and understand the property, how it fits into the market, and provide an opinion of value so our client can make an informed decision."

-Bill Altermatt, SRA
Owner & Chief Appraiser

We provide residential appraisals in Lucas, Fulton & Wood County. Residential properties include single family homes, 2-4 unit multi-family properties, condominiums, and vacant land.

Our in the field expertise includes the following:

✅ Estate appraisals

✅ Divorce appraisals

✅ Insurance appraisals

✅ Bankruptcy appraisals

✅ Pre-listing appraisals

✅ PMI Removal appraisals

✅ Mortgage finance appraisals for banks and credit unions.

✅ Home measurement services (you'd be surprised at how often county records are inaccurate)

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What people are saying...

Contact us for 5-star service!
Contact us for 5-star service!
Contact us for 5-star service!

  • "You are one of our best appraisers." -Tammy R., US Bank

  • "I wanted to take a minute to thank you for taking care of my friend Jennifer E. in her trials with her Dad's house. I certainly know nothing of your market, but your report appears to be excellent work and I really appreciate you helping make Jennifer feel more comfortable about at least one aspect of this journey. Nothing I can do for her in Ohio, but I'm glad she found you and your company." -Elaine M.

  • "Thank you for your appraisal. I believe your assessment is accurate and will be the basis for the sales price of the home." -Pat H.

  • "Thank you! I really appreciate your straightforwardness. It's nice to know there are people who still are honest and are proud of their work!" -Cheryl Y.

  • "Thanks again for the great job." -Fred P.

  • "Thanks so much for your diligent appraisal that you completed for us." -Nicole F., Realtor

  • "...Thanks for all your expertise and professionalism." -Tim A., Huntington Bank

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